We should be proud to be POLISH all our lives as much as we are tonight!


To dzisiaj rodzi się historia na naszych oczach.
Historia siatkówki.
Historia, która będzie jak najpiękniejszy sen.
To dzisiaj zaśpiewamy dwa razy Mazurka Dąbrowskiego.
To dzisiaj będziemy się cieszyć, skakać i bawić do rana.
To dzisiaj zobaczymy radość i spełnienie naszych chłopaków.
To dzisiaj będziemy Mistrzami Świata.
Dzisiaj będziemy najszczęśliwszym narodem na świecie.

"Panowie komentatorzy nie mówimy “weszło” tylko “Wlazło” ;)"
Katarzyna Zięba [x] (via tuzinkowa)

(via tuzinkowa)

It’s amazing love for volleyball in this country!

Hello everyone :)!
So…first thing I want to do is to thank all my followers. I don’t know why anybody follows me. Seriously, I don’t get it, because I have the worst blog ever, I am often absent for several days in a row, especially lately when I was very busy, but every single follower means the world to me and I love you guys more than I can tell.
Now on to the lovely and amazing and beautiful people I am blessed to be following: every single person that I follow should be in my follow forever. If I follow you, I love you and your blog. Seeing and sharing your joy and your suffering  has made terrible losses easier to bear and it has made  great triumphs even better (well…okay, there were more of the terrible losses over the last year, but you guys made it so much easier for me to endure them). Thank you for brightening my dash and my days! You are all so awesome!
I’ve decided to choose a perfect XI for my follow forever consisting of blogs that have particularly grown on me, but like I said: everyone I follow should be on here (and in my mind you are all tagged :)!).

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Sorry about the awful edit, it was a very quick thing because I just remembered that my blog turns one year and that I was planning to do my first follow forever for that occasion.

AsasdfsFJHAGDGsd, I feel to so special to be there! Thank you so much, you little cute pie. :* And don’t say such things about your tumblr, it’s awesome like you. ;)

aww, I have just watched “the fault in our stars” and I am all in tears :’)

I have just came from my vacations in Rhodes and I am sooo depressed. It was the time of my life, wanna come back. :

FC Barcelona